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Give yourself that piece of mind that you are GIVING TO THE ORPHANS EVERY SINGLE NIGHT OF RAMADHAN!

We don’t know which day our deeds will be accepted so why risk missing a day…?? For even as LITTLE AS £1 per night!

A quick sign up and it does the rest for you so you can focus on other acts of Ibadah.


Please don’t wait, orphans need your help more than ever. Donate generously in the blessed month of Ramadan.

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Giving Consistently

Our Beloved Nabi ﷺ said, “The deeds most beloved in the eyes of Allah Ta’aala are those deeds carried out with continuity (regularity) although they may be small” Sahih al-Muslim

When we think of doing something to please Allah Ta’aala, our immediate thought is to do lots of worship. We assume Allah likes us to give large donations, read lots of Quran in one go and stand for long hours in salah without any break.

In reality, pleasing Allah and making Him happy is so much more easier. Allah Ta’ala doesn’t mind small amounts of worship. In fact from this hadith, we learn He actually likes it as long as it is done regularly. This is what’s most important; you can choose to donate small amounts but regularly.

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We are one family

Help Yateem is not just a charity, it’s a FAMILY. What makes our work impactful is our countless supporters who believe in making a difference and who understand their responsibilities to helping others

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