Lets Honour Our Orphans

When you sponsor an orphan, it is as if you are sponsoring a community.  The reason being is that when that child grows and gets the necessary education. He or she will be able to support her family, community and country. Your sponsorship will have multiplying effect and that amounts to Sadaqah Jaariyah or the reward for your sponsorship will continue forever.  It is like lighting one candle and that one candle can give light to thousands of candles and those thousands can give light many more thousands.  Similarly your reward will be multiplying.

Therefore we urge to sponsor a child today and always remember  “The measure of a life, after all, is not its duration, but its donation.”

Help Yateem exists so that the orphans’ lives don’t spiral downward into an abyss of violence, exploitation, and despair.

Help Yateem works to channel the orphans’ anger redirecting their energy toward education. Only then will these children become the peace makers of tomorrow instead of the peace wreckers.

As an international organisation, Help Yateem is open to everyone.
We believe our human survival depends on helping one another. Once that happens, trust naturally emerges – and world progress moves forward.

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