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Help Yateem Dates Project

Dates Project

Through purchasing our products this Ramadan as well as throughout the year, you will not only be enjoying high quality, smooth,sweet and mouth watering dates but you will also be supporting orphans across the countries our team works exceptionally hard in to better the lives of those in need; thanks to your help.

Each of our dates are handpicked carefully by farmers in Al- Madinah Al- Munawarah and due to this we are empowering the local individuals through the hard work they do daily.

Premium Ajwa Dates

Help Yateem brings to you organic Al-Madinah Ajwa dates ready for this Ramadan.

Our fresh ajwa dates will be delivered straight to your doorstep. 

Ajwa dates are known in Islam to have many benefical factors, they are known for their numerous healing properties that the Prophet SAW has mentioned in many hadiths.

“Ajwa dates are from paradise” – [Tirmidhi] 

Ajwa dates specifically have been sent to protect one from magic and poison – narrated by Sa’d: I heard Allah’s messenger SAW saying “whoever takes seven Ajwa dates in the morning will not be affected by magic or poison on that day.” – [Sahih al-Bukhari]

Moreover, the Prophet SAW mentioned that eating seven ajwa dates will ensure that “he will not be harmed by anything until he reaches the evening.” [Sahih Muslim]

Pre order your ajwa dates now from the link below.

Premium Mabroom Dates

At Help Yateem we have a range of dates to choose from this Ramadan. Our premium Mabroom dates are fresh, organic and known to be naturally enriched with antioxidants and minerals. These maroon, slender bodied dates are sweet and simply perfect to break your fast with this Ramadan. 

To pre-order our organic Mabroom dates, handpicked from our farms.

Premium Sukkari Dates

All of our dates at Help Yateem have been carefully handpicked from our farms ensuring we deliver the best quality dates to you at your doorstep.

Our Sukkari dates are the perfect sweet treat to have. Sukkari derives from the word ‘Sukkar’ in Arabic which means sugar, so these dates are the best option for those with a sweet tooth. Although these dates are very sweet, subhanAllah they are contrastingly known to prevent tooth decay as well as minimise other health factors such as high cholesterol and fatigue.

These dates can be enjoyed being eaten fresh as well as being consumed in a dry form, it is simply down to your own preference.

To pre-order your sweet guilt-free treat this Ramadan.

Premium Al-Madinah Mixed Dates

At Help Yateem, we have made it our goal to ensure we provide the best. We understand that at times it can be difficult to decide on one option which is why we have come forward with our premium mixed dates box of dates. This contains Ajwa, Sukkari and Mabroom dates perfect for yourself or as a gift this Ramadan for your family and friends.

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