Help Us To Build The New Orphanage Centre For Boys!

Al-Walidayn Orphanage Centre

Al-Walidayn Girls Rescue centre have set a new standard of orphan care.  Help Yateem have embarked on a new mission, to build a similar orphanage centre for boys. This new centre will house 160 of the forgotten orphans in Kenya near Mombasa. Al-Walidayn Centre for boys will remove them from a harrowing life on dangerous streets to an environment of loving care and opportunity. Will you join us to making this vision to a reality?

Three Acres of Empty Land

Help Yateem has recently acquired three acres of land near Mombasa. Our aim is to use it to build orphanage compound to embrace the forgotten Orphans.

Impacting a Wider Community

Our intention is to work with the locals in the community to design and build the orphanage. It will contain spacious dorms for the children to sleep in, sufficient washroom facilities, fully equipped classrooms, functioning kitchens, and a canteen. In addition to a spacious playground, the local community will be able to access free clean water from our three wells, avoiding them from traveling long distances.

A caring family environment

Our team of fully trained and compassionate staff and volunteers will assure a caring family environment for each child. Each one will receive a high standard of education, clothing, comfort, medical treatment, and a daily menu of nutritious meals.

Preparing them for the future

At Al-Walidayn Orphanage Center we focus on education. We aim to ensure all our children have access to a first-class education and obtain key life skills that will help them succeed further in life. We make sure our orphans develop their confidence, contribute to their local communities’ and invest in their nation’s prosperity. Health and nutrition make an enormous difference in the quality of a child’s life. We ensure our orphan children receive a varied, nutritious diet that gives them energy to learn and play.

We Need Your Help

We rely on your donations to make this vision a reality.

No amount is too small. Please help us to continue this magnificent work.

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