Our humble Story

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Inspired by one person

Years ago, when several of the founding members of Help Yateem visited some very poor countries, they were shocked by the miserable conditionsthe orphans live under. They saw that some of the children fall into despair and become glue sniffers. Others become part of the violence and join rebel groups as child soldiers. And some of the “lucky” ones are looked after by their relatives, who are also very poor. But our team was inspired by one individual who gave his life helping to empower the orphans. He set up schools for the orphans… provided them with education, clean water, food and clothing, and basic human love. We were amazed to see how the children’s lives were so strongly impacted due to one man who dedicated his life to making a difference. So our small team of friends – each with their own different skills and experience – got together to help the orphans. Soon, more volunteers joined our campaign. In fact, we were shocked to see how many people responded to such a great cause!

Will you do the same? 

Click below to join us in our ongoing struggle to help the children. More funds are needed daily. We need your help to continue. The children need us. And that means they need YOU

Help Us To Honour The Orphans By Building A New Orphanage Centre

It is one of the most rewarding good deeds we can do in our lives as the benefits of giving Sadaqah Jariyah can be reaped now, and we can continue to benefit after we have passed.

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