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They have no one else

It’s difficult to imagine the excruciating experience of being an orphan.
For a child is to lose both parents… to be left so very alone in the middle of turmoil and strife… you can see why the depth of emotion these children feel and express is extraordinary.
They talk about anguish, confusion, frustration, and fear.
For those with a heart, there’s no choice but to reach out and help these young children – who have no one else.
Today, so many countries are faced with the huge problem of an increased orphan population due to recent wars, epidemic diseases, and natural disasters.
After seeing how the orphans live, we at Help Yateem have identified what needs to be done for their educational development and long-term sustainability as they grow up. Right now, their needs are not fully met.

Cycle of poverty

Help Yateem exists so that the orphans’ lives don’t spiral downward into an abyss of violence, exploitation, and despair.
We focus on clean living conditions, firstly – especially clean water so that disease doesn’t spread.
Then we focus on education – because otherwise the children are highly vulnerable to abuse and being recruited as child soldiers.
Psychologically, they are angry due to the loss of their parents.
But anger is like a fuel. If you put fuel on a fire, the fire grows until it’s out of control and creates chaos. But if you put that same fuel in an engine, it drives you and takes you where you want to go.
Therefore, Help Yateem works to channel the orphans’ anger — redirecting their energy toward education. Only then will these children become the peace makers of tomorrow instead of the peace wreckers.
As an international organization, Help Yateem is open to everyone.
We believe our human survival depends on helping one another. Once that happens, trust naturally emerges – and world progress moves forward.


“Making a difference in their lives”


Help Yateem has one primary mission: to improve the living conditions of the world’s most helpless orphans – ensuring that they have a future.
We go to the worst affected places on the planet, locating and directly serving the orphans through our numerous projects.


Giving young minds something to focus on keeps them from becoming part of the problem. We’ve already seen the changes in the lives of thousands. Now we want to help thousands more. Getting children back into school after they’ve lost both parents is our highest priority.
Making their lives livable in the meantime – especially through our clean water program – is also a vital necessity. Eventually, the young people we educate are able to learn academics and vocational skills so they can earn a sustainable income, as well as improve the conditions of the area in which they live.


When we use the word “Empowerment” at Help Yateem, we mean facilitating self-empowerment for the children. We don’t use that word in the way it’s commonly used in corporate settings. We’re talking about empowering the children for their sake alone. In our experience, most people have a great deal more power and potential to be effective than they allow themselves to believe. Our aim is to provide the poor children an environment where they can become Self-Empowered. This involves nurturing children and giving them choices that allow them take greater initiatives to make improvements or to achieve certain results.

Help Us To Honour The Orphans By Building A New Orphanage Centre

It is one of the most rewarding good deeds we can do in our lives as the benefits of giving Sadaqah Jariyah can be reaped now, and we can continue to benefit after we have passed.

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