Why Volunteer With Help Yateem?

You can empower children, the needy and the vulnerable across the globe, through volunteering with us. At the same we will give you the platform to thrive.

What you will get out of it?

Volunteering is a productive and beneficial form of Sadaqah, or helping the poor and needy directly. Not only are you benefitting the organisation but you are personally gaining a reward.  It is also a form of sacrifice, and promotes the competition in doing good.

  • Volunteer around your schedule.
  • Gain skills such as teamwork, time management, organisation, attention to detail, leadership , project management and among others to prepare you for your career.
  • We will give you a reference to support you all the way.
  • Get a certificate of achievement to recognise your effort.
  • Empower and influence others to be part of a good cause. 

Volunteer Now!

Make a Difference!

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