Build A School
in Kenya

We are aiming to build a new Secondary and Technical school that will accommodate 400 students 200 boys and 200 girls out of the 400 places 80 places will offer technical skills building construction and design technology 

We AIM to complete in 18 months starting from  RAMADAN 2024. An opportunity for SADAQH JARIYAH DURING RAMADAN. 

School Build Projects
Help Yateem School Kenya
Help Yateem School Kenya

State of the art facilities

This project aims to build a new secondary and technical school that includes: 

  24 classrooms  

  2 large ITC rooms 

  2 Science lab classroom 

  1 Library  

  1 Canteen 

  1 Kitchen 

  15 Toilets  

  1 Large Hall  

  4 Admin Staff offices   

To Grow

Primary and Secondary education will be provided to all orphans and opportunities of sponsoring orphans to university level and support will be provided to any excelling orphans.  

Orphans will follow a regular schedule, which will include meals, schooling, chores, and free time. Chores will mainly focus on experiential learning activities, allowing children to help in the upkeep of the orphanage while learning valuable life skills.  

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