Help Yateem is a fully registered charity in Ethiopia. We have our own offices located on site as well as our own dedicated local members of staff who are experts on the ground. We have the right team in the right place who know and understand the local community, working tirelessly with them to confidently deliver long-term self-sustainability resources to the right people at the right time.

Projects we run in Ethiopia:

– Building Masjids/Madrasah
– Qur’an Hifz Sponsorship
– Water Wells
– Qurbani

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Ethiopia is a country located in East Africa. It has a population of roughly 47 million people and is home to one of the biggest economies in the region. According to the Human Development Index, it is the 48th least developed country.

Whilst it has made great strides in providing its residents with political stability and maintaining a good export network, there are many issues that plague Ethiopia and contribute to their hardship. Our team provides life-saving aid to those who need it the most, but the seriousness of the situation in Ethiopia cannot be stressed enough.


Ethiopia has the potential to develop into a strong agricultural economy, lifting the third of the population who live on less than $1.90 (£1.40) a day out of poverty. For the majority farming population, however, recurring droughts are critically continuing to threaten livelihoods, making daily survival ever more difficult.

That’s why we’re working to strengthen livelihoods by helping communities become resident to disaster, whilst also tackling gender-based inequalities to ensure that both men and women can lead more secure, healthier lives.

Climate change is having an increasingly big impact on communities across eastern Ethiopia. With poor rainfall and recurrent drought, people’s health and livelihoods are at risk.

Insufficient supplies of safe water and a lack of food mean that the young, elderly and displaced populations without access to government resources become malnourished and risk catching water-borne diseases. Increasing tensions are also growing as competition for resources grows.

The lack of rain is reducing pastoralist communities’ herds and economic capital weaken in strength and number. As livestock becomes malnourished, household poverty is sadly increasing.

With the ongoing effect of climate-change on local communities, we’re also working with local communities to increase their resilience to potential disasters and become financially self-sufficient. Long-term development projects improve access to water and sanitation and working to keep families’ food secure.

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