orphanage centre

Orphanage Centre

Al-Walidayn Girls Rescue centre have set a new standard of orphan care. Help Yateem have embarked on a new mission, to build a similar orphanage centre for boys.

This new centre will house 160 of the forgotten orphans in Kenya near Mombasa. Al-Walidayn Centre for boys will remove them from a harrowing life on dangerous streets to an environment of loving care and opportunity.

Will you join us in making this vision into a reality?

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Impacting a wider community

Our orphanages play a crucial role in not only providing immediate care and support for vulnerable children but also contribute significantly to the long-term development of the local community and economy.

In the short term, our institutions offer a safe haven for orphaned children, ensuring their basic needs are met and providing education and healthcare.

However, the impact extends beyond individual beneficiaries. By investing in education and vocational training, our orphanages empower these children to become skilled contributors to society.

Creating A Profound
Ripple Effect

As the children grow into productive members of the community, their positive influence ripples through various sectors, fostering social stability and economic growth.

In the long term, the positive cycle initiated by our orphanages helps break the cycle of poverty and contributes to a more resilient and prosperous local community.

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