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10 Years of experience

Our Humble Story

Years ago, a visit to impoverished countries deeply affected the founding members of Help Yateem. Witnessing despair among vulnerable orphans, some as young as six, struggling with drugs and violence, inspired our team. One individual’s dedication to empowering orphans through education, clean water, food, and love moved us. This inspired a small group to unite and expand, with more volunteers joining our cause. Together, we’ve seen the transformative impact of collective efforts in helping those in need.

What We Do


Help Yateem has one primary mission: to improve the living conditions of the world’s most helpless orphans – ensuring that they have a future.

We go to the worst affected places on the planet, locating and directly serving the orphans through our numerous projects.


Education gives young minds something to focus on keeps them from becoming part of the problem. We’ve already seen the changes in the lives of thousands. Now we want to help thousands more. Getting children back into school after they’ve lost both parents is our highest priority. Making their lives livable in the meantime


We mean facilitating self-empowerment for the children. We don’t use that word in the way it’s commonly used in corporate settings. We’re talking about empowering the children for their sake alone. In our experience, most people have a great deal more power and potential to be effective than they allow themselves to believe

We Are One Family

Help Yateem is not just a charity, it’s a FAMILY. What makes our work impactful is our countless supporters who believe in making a difference and who understand their responsibilities to help others. And because of you, we are operating in Yemen, Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia, and the Gambia.

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