Why Education

is a priority?

“What's done to children, they will do to society.”

Education is light.

Educating the poor orphan and needy children gives them an environment where they can express themselves and flourish.  Many of the great poets and writers have experienced some sort of difficulties.  Education allowed them to dig deep and write their pain out via poetry and books.

what we do

Why Education?

Without an education, orphans are destined to repeat this never ending cycle of poverty. Orphans, who age out of institutions without education are mostly condemned to a life on streets, or begging or worse.

why we do it

Impacting a Wider Community

Educating an orphan and needy child will have multiplying impact on their communities. It is like lighting a candle. That one candle can light thousands of candles without loosing its light.

Give a Little, Change a Lot

It Doesn't Cost to Care

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