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Football Tournament

​Join us for an exciting 5-a-side football tournament to help raise money for a vital cause: providing bread for the people of Yemen.
Organised by Help Yateem, this event supports the establishment of a bread factory that delivers fresh bread to thousands of local people daily, easing one of their many struggles.
Form a 5-a-side football team to participate and bring significant relief to the desperate community in Yemen. Support this worthy cause and sign up today.
Help Yateem Football

Youth Work

For years, the UK has seen a staggering increase in gun and knife crime amongst young people particularly in the London area. Varying factors have contributed to these statistics such as lack of opportunities, poor living conditions, youth centres and other young people’s hubs being closed and unrealistic aspirations promoted on social media.
Help Yateem aims to support young people in harnessing their true potential and realising their aspirations. Help Yateem aims to provide projects that will:

Provide support to students who are interested in going onto further education through mentoring schemes and hosting career fairs and ‘day in the life of…’ career experiences.

Supporting local grassroots initiatives to support vulnerable young people through social activities that they would normally not have the ability to part take in such as canoeing, rock climbing, horse riding, and camping.

Community Outreach

We had seen a big disparity between households when the COVID-19 outbreak reached the UK. Many families were unable to support themselves financially and due to the standstill of work, there were many who were forced into unemployment.

Help Yateem teamed up with Morrisons to deliver food parcels to vulnerable families who were self isolating. As lockdown is lifted and the vaccine programme takes hold, Help Yateem hopes to continue supporting families which are struggling by working with local food banks to provide them with daily essentials.

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