Build A School
in Gambia

We are aiming to build a new Secondary and Technical school in the Gambia that will accommodate 200 students 100 boys and 100 girls out of the 400 places 80 places will offer technical skills building construction and design technology.

We AIM to complete in 18 months starting from  RAMADAN 2024. An opportunity for SADAQH JARIYAH DURING RAMADAN. 
School Build Projects

State of the art facilities

This project aims to build a new secondary and technical school in The Gambia includes: 

  14 classrooms  
  1 large ITC rooms 
  1 Science lab classroom 
  1 Vocational Centre (Specilise)
  1 Canteen 
  1 Kitchen 
  12 Toilets  
  2 Admin Staff offices   

To Grow

Our aim is simple, to break the cycle of poverty through empowering young children with education.

Through your support and Allah’s ﷻ blessing, we’re able to ensure that the younger generation will possess the necessary skill sets to uplift their communities and protect future generations from falling into the same problems they had to deal with. 

Together we will continue to provide meaningful change and lasting routes out of poverty.  Our collective aim is simple, to from the cycle of prosperity for many generations to come In Sha Allah.

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