Share your Qurbani with the forgotten orphans


Qurbani is another term for the word Udhiyyah.

Every year, Help Yateem supports its donors in fulfilling the obligation of Udhiyyah.

Udhiyyah is the Islamic tradition of giving from your wealth to the people less fortunate than yourself by way of sacrificing an animal and distributing the meat. The tradition is in light of the story of Prophet Ibraheem who was willing to sacrifice his beloved son for the sake of Allah but at the critical moment, Allah replaced him with an animal.

Help Yateem takes the responsibility of carrying out our donor’s Udhiyyahs very seriously, we ensure that the animal is well kept and of sound health, after the animal is properly slaughtered, we ensure that the meat is distributed to orphans, widows and needy families. We are currently carrying out Udhiyyah in the following countries:

The Gambia

Donate from what you love for the sake of Allah today with Help Yateem

Help Us To Honour The Orphans By Building A New Orphanage Centre

It is one of the most rewarding good deeds we can do in our lives as the benefits of giving Sadaqah Jariyah can be reaped now, and we can continue to benefit after we have passed.

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