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A Mother's Resilience:

Dogo Soro, a resilient mother of two, shares a poignant account of her life, marked by the challenges of day-to-day poverty. Abandoned by her husband two years ago, she has shouldered the responsibility of providing for her children alone. This case study delves into the struggles she faces, shedding light on the difficulties she encounters in securing basic necessities, supporting her children’s education, and maintaining hope for a better future.

Financial Struggles:
With her husband’s departure to Tanzania, Dogo Soro’s financial stability crumbled. The burden of supporting her family fell entirely on her shoulders. Relying on the sale of coal, she faces the harsh reality of an unpredictable income stream. There are days when her efforts yield little to no profit, leaving her and her children sleep-deprived and hungry.
Education Dilemma:
Dogo Soro’s aspirations for her children to receive an education are hindered by financial constraints and societal attitudes towards her disabled son. Despite her children’s eagerness to learn, she cannot afford school fees, uniforms, and books. Discrimination based on her son’s disability further complicates the situation, limiting his access to education. This leaves Dogo torn between her desire for her children’s education and the harsh reality of financial impossibility.
Daily Struggles for Survival:
Survival for Dogo Soro is a constant battle. The meager income from selling coal is often insufficient to cover the family’s basic needs. In an environment where she competes for every sale, slow business days exacerbate the struggle, leading to nights where hunger becomes an unwelcome companion. The unpredictability of her income intensifies the challenge of providing consistent meals for her children.
Dreams of a Better Life:
Amidst the hardships, Dogo Soro dreams of a better life for her family. Her aspirations include a decent house, proper nutrition for her children, and the opportunity for them to attend school. These dreams, however, seem distant as the daily grind of poverty keeps them out of reach.

Dogo Soro’s story epitomises the harsh realities faced by countless individuals grappling with day-to-day poverty. Her resilience shines through as she confronts each obstacle with determination, seeking a brighter future for her children. This case study underscores the urgent need for support systems and interventions to uplift families like Dogo Soro’s, providing them with the means to break free from the cycle of poverty and build a better life.

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